Future Curling Arena

Glacial Ridge Curling has been working on a plan since 2011 to build a new community event center that will also be a curling arena in the winter months. Feasibility has been established with a complete and properly thought out plan, of which great progress is being made. Stay tuned for information as it becomes available.

Facility Update (as of 7/25/16)


Dedicated Facility Committee
Scott Guptil
Troy Gorans
Gary Johnson
Art Benson
Matt Proehl
Mark Olson
Kevin Madsen
Questions, comments; please contact one of us!


Dear members:

We have a property security agreement with a landowner in Spicer.
The City of Spicer Economic Development Authority is working on a variety of ideas that would directly help us in construction of a building.  We are waiting for that to be formally presented to us.
The staff of the City of Willmar presented an idea using the half cent sales tax in building a third sheet of skating ice added to the Civic Center, in which we would retrofit the BLA to dedicated curling ice and own or lease to the same effect, that building. That idea failed to make the sales tax project list by vote of the City Council. The City of Willmar has asked for more time to meet further, so as to possibly come up with another way to provide a property site solution in Willmar.  We are acting in do-diligence in giving them a chance to find another property consideration.
Meanwhile. . .
We have received the results from a feasibility study that showed a positive opportunity to raise the funds required, be it obviously a very rigorous endeavor. The fund raising project will be hard work, but we feel we are up to the task, therefore the full curling board voted to move ahead with the campaign last week, July 18. We informed our fund raising consultant of this good news and we are soon meeting to get our marching orders. 

The facility committee is moving forward with putting together the fund raising committee, chairperson, and the structure needed to launch the campaign.  We have options for donated office space, and we have a generous donor who will be subsidizing personnel services for the admin/management of that office.  We hope sooner, rather than later, that the site selection decision can be made, we are being very prudent in this regard to vet out every possible site solution, to be sure that the right decision is made for the future generations. The committee takes this very seriously.

Also be it known, that the facility committee reports directly to the board, and no action will ever be taken without a vote by the board.