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Thursday Night League


Thursday Schedule  (note there are some Wednesday matches scheduled!)


Wednesday Night League

Below are the three divisions that we will conclude the season with. Because of a calculation error, there will be 8 teams in the Gold Division, 6 teams in the Silver Division, and 6 teams in the Bronze Division. (rather than 7, 7, 6) The link to the schedule will also be posted on the website as well as below.

Because of my calculation error, not all teams in the Gold Division will play each other. I did my best to get each team even number of early and late nights, but it is not perfect. I chose this division to put 8 teams in because all teams will remain in the National League.

Above are the league rules for the remainder of the year and for future years. As I am aware, the league rules were never posted, but "unwritten". These rules hopefully will solve any disputes. They will be posted on the scoreboards. Please review these rules before this week's game. PLEASE NOTE THE RULE ABOUT CONCEEDING. The conceding team gives up one point per end conceded. This may come into play for any tiebreakers at the end of the year.

All 8 teams in the Gold Division will stay in the National League next year.
The top 2 teams from the Silver Division will move to the National League next year.
All 6 teams in the Bronze Division will remain in the American League next year.

Gold Division:

Jrs & Jocks
GVL Poly
Stone Soup
The Hacks
Little Ceasar's

Schedule: Gold Division Schedule

Silver Division:

Rolling Stones
Minnie Sliders

Schedule: Silver Division Schedule

Bronze Division:

American Legion
Valley Golf
The Stoners
Jailhouse Rocks

Schedule: Bronze Division Schedule

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the remaining schedule or the rules.

Curling Subs

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glacialridgecurling@gmail.com  320-403-3398   



Art Benson  


Randy Czarnetzki


Susie Czarnetzki


Tim Daniels (Wednesday only)


Warren Hagen


Chris Herman (Thursday only)


Bill Paterson


Jerry Welsh (Thursday only)


Gary Zvorak